Artist Perspectives: A Podcast by ArtTable – Episode 1
Episode 1: Nancy Cohen and Kristen Accola on Taking Up Space with Large Scale Installations

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Kristen Accola is an art dealer, curator and ArtTable member. Nancy Cohen is an artist whose work has been widely exhibited throughout the United States and is represented in important collections, such as The Montclair Museum, The Newark Public Library, The Weatherspoon Art Gallery, and The Zimmerli Museum.

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of artist, Nancy Cohen and Kristin Accola’s intertwining careers and friendship. As you’re about to hear, this relationship has taken many forms: artist and curator, artist and gallerist and now artist and dealer. Kristin Accola is an art dealer, a curator and a long term ArtTable member. In fact, Kristin met her long time business partner Kat Griefen, at an ArtTable Salon dinner. Together the two run Accola Griefen, which represents artists, like Nancy, and other modern and contemporary artists, with a primary focus on important American and Native American women artists. Nancy Cohen’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States and is represented in important collections. Additionally, Cohen has completed numerous large-scale, site-specific projects, many of which Kristin helped to curate. Here, Kristin and Nancy discuss the challenges they’ve encountered creating site specific work for collectors and institutions, the shift of Accola Griefen from gallery to private dealer and everything in between.

The Artist Perspectives Podcast features ArtTable members in conversation with women artists at the forefront of their practice. Through these intimate conversations, ArtTable aims to share insights, strategies, and practical advice in public dialogue. The show offers a snapshot of the art world today, as well as the tools needed to produce meaningful work in an institution, gallery, public, or private setting. The results are a series of meaningful conversations spotlighting how women working in the art world advocate for one another. Thank you to the Pollock Krasner Foundation for making this series possible.


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