ArtTable TOURS: Israel
October 26–November 1, 2011

ArtTable members traveled to Tel Aviv—Israel’s dynamic and modern city on the Mediterranean shore. Tel Aviv, home to more Bauhaus-style buildings than any other city in the world, is architecturally stunning, the pulse of Israel’s art scene, and the country’s business and entertainment capital. Abounding in outdoor public art, parks, plazas, and markets, Tel Aviv also boasts an exciting performing arts community, diverse foods, and a rich nightlife. The group also took an overnight trip to explore the ancient, walled Old City of Jerusalem and its numerous sites of religious importance. Through connecting with colleagues in Israel, guided tours, and special access to museums, galleries, artist studios, private collections, exquisite meals, and an overnight trip to the Old City, ArtTable members experienced the wonders of Israel.

Photo Credit: Derech Begin by Shlomo Liaskovski & Jacob Orenstein, 1935. Courtesy of the Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv.


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