OPTIMIZING SUCCESS: Professional Empowerment Series

New York, OPTIMIZING SUCCESS: Professional Empowerment Series (2018-2019)
SESSION 1 – Financial Planning with Tax Efficient Savings Strategies: Jessica Decker
and financial experts from First Republic Bank had a discussion on personal and
business long-term tax efficient savings strategies. Techniques discussed included
individual and business retirement plans, education savings plans, and the use of
insurance as a tax efficient savings tool.
SESSION 2 – Art Business Legal Basics: Provided an overview of key legal issues
around buying and selling art, with a focus on those regularly effecting gallerists and
dealers. The discussion covered key provisions of the New York Cultural Affairs Law,
fiduciary obligations, and artist representation.
SESSION 3 – Recruitment in the Art World with Freda Mindlin: This session provided an
overview of career growth, promotional opportunities, and how to distinguish yourself in
the field. Questions like, besides experience and academic credentials what do
recruiters and employers look for, were also addressed.
SESSION 4 – Everything You Wanted to Know About Social Media But Were Afraid to
Ask: Robin Cembalest gave insight into her journey from editor to influencer and
answered attendees questions regarding how to be productive online.
SESSION 5 – Legacy Planning
Lisa Siegel, managing director and financial planner at First Republic, and Caryn
Keppler, partner, Putney Law, led a session focused on legacy planning. Siegel and
Keppler spoke on legacy planning issues for nonprofit leaders (speaking points for donor
cultivation strategies) as well as for individuals, particularly those with art collections.
They also shares some juicy stories from real art world client experiences.

SESSION 6 –Tax Issues Affecting Art Transactions with Steve Goldglit and Ilyana
SESSION 7–Drawing Lines, Navigating Gray Areas, and Structuring Workplace Culture:
Sheila McDaniel on HR Development
This session, with Sheila McDaniel, deputy director of finance and operations, the Studio
Museum in Harlem, addressed issues of human resources development, the problems
facing institutions and small nonprofits, implementing changes and obstacles that might
occur along the way.


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