RE/ VIEW: The Future of International Storage, Travel and Care for Collections

A RE/ VIEW program on the future of international loans, insurance, couriers and storage. We discussed inventive solution building when moving a work across borders during a global pandemic, as well as new logistical measures and responsibilities taken on by institutions, collectors and art spaces within and outside of the US.

How will this affect an international market? How are registrars, handlers and art services working to return works and provide safe access to collections? During this event, we will hear from Sydney Briggs, Associate Registrar, Collections, Museum of Modern Art, Jacqueline Cabrera, Principal, Cabrera+Art+Management, and Melissa Osterwind, Chief Operating Officer, SRI Fine Art Services. This conversation will be moderated by Jessica Porter, Lila Harnett Executive Director, ArtTable.

Watch this event here.

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