Salon: The Reckoning: Women Artists of the New Millenium
January 28, 2014

Joyce Pomeroy Schwartz opened her home for a salon and discussion that
explored the evolving status and concerns of women artists who followed the
pioneering feminist artists of the 1970s. Questions of the evening included: Does
it still make sense to talk about art by women as a distinct category? How does
the work of women artists reflect contemporary concerns? How are women
artists faring vis-a-vis men in the hyper-commercialized contemporary art
market? The evening brought together the authors of The Reckoning: Women
Artists of the New Millennium, Eleanor Heartney, Nancy Princenthal, and
ArtTable members Helaine Posner and Sue Scott. They discussed the work of
women artists born after 1960, with a focus on changing attitudes toward the
body and sexuality; the globalization of social and political issues; introspection,
dream, and fantasy as subversive strategies; and contemporary responses to
society’s mixed messages about gender roles and the domestic sphere.


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