Art Marketing and Partnerships Director, NIAD (Nurturing Independence through Artistic Development,) (Richmond, CA)

Job Summary

NIAD is an organization that aims to be artistically relevant and culturally inclusive. As an organization we de-liver these aims through activities in our main galleries, our Artist of the Month installation run by studio art-ists and staff, and our off-site partnership collaborations.

NIAD’s Art Marketing and Partnerships Program drives audience reach, reputation and revenue:
developing and diversifying audiences; building brand visibility, and creating an outstanding audience experience; and generating income for NIAD. Our very active team aims to deliver outstanding art marketing to our audiences that is both highly creative and effective and can connect us to the widest possible audiences.

The Art Marketing and Partnerships Director works closely with the Executive Director and Development Manager, and is responsible for the collaborative work of the Art Marketing team which includes the Gallery Manager, the Accessibility and Communications Specialist, the Online Exhibitions Coordinator, and NIAD’s Graphic Designer, as well as interns and volunteers working with the program.

One of the objectives for this position is to drive forward positive change—we want to be more
representative of the communities that we serve, both in terms of diversity within our teams, and in generating engagement and involvement from people who have been historically under-represented. This is an opportunity to lead art marketing for a leading arts disability organization with a highly
regarded reputation, working with the most inspiring content, with a committed team in a time of great change.

As with many organizations, NIAD has been met with challenges during shelter-in-place and to this end, some of the details in this job description may be impacted by the shifts we have made to working remotely. We would encourage any future staff members to be transparent in their communication about questions and needs for remote or on-site work, and as an organization, we acknowledge that these shifts will be temporary.

NIAD supports inclusivity and visibility in all areas of our working practices and spaces and want to make sure that opportunities are accessible in all ways and that all voices are truly heard and contribute to our future. We actively encourage individuals from marginalized groups to apply, in particular those from traditionally under-represented groups, e.g., people with disabilities, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ candidates.

If you require any accommodations in order to most effectively participate in the application process, please contact Ingrid Alonso-Rodriguez,, or 510 620 0290.
To apply for this position, please direct your cover letter, CV or resume, and a one-page professional writing sample to

Job Requirements and Responsibilities

Job title: Art Marketing and Partnerships Director
Reports to: Executive Director

Job purpose:
Develop strategy, external partnerships, internal teams, and daily policies and procedures to market and sell the artwork of NIAD Studio Artists.
Expand audiences for NIAD artists’ practices and artwork and for NIAD’s mission as a whole.

Duties and responsibilities

Art Sales:
 Responsible for effective and collaborative management of NIAD’s Art Marketing Team:
o Gallery Manager
o Accessibility and Communications Specialist
o Online Exhibitions Coordinator
o Graphic Designer
o Art Marketing interns and volunteers.

 Coordinate Art Marketing Team in planning, executing and managing all exhibitions at the Art Center:
o During Remote Services:
• 12 monthly NIAD Windows Exhibitions and
• 52 weekly Online Exhibitions
o In-Person at the Art Center:
• Monthly exhibitions in NIAD’s four gallery spaces
• 52 weekly Online Exhibitions, and
• Collaborative support for Artist of the Month Installations and Artist Talks in NIAD’s Studio.

 Coordinate offsite exhibitions, from local venues to partnerships with galleries and museums representing NIAD artists’ work in the larger art market.
 Represent NIAD at Thirsty Thursday, exhibition openings, and events, and coordinate Art Marketing Team in event preparation and clean-up.
 Ensure maintenance and improvement of the NIAD galleries’ physical spaces (painting, spackling, lighting etc) by coordinating Art Marketing Team and Volunteers/Interns.
 Maintain annual reporting on Art Marketing and Partnerships program data, successes, and future goals. Collaborate with Executive Director to write and manage Art Marketing and Partnerships grants.
 Work with NIAD’s Art Marketing Team and beyond to engage Curators, Museum Personnel, Academics, Publishers, Artists, Musicians and Exhibition Organizers from NIAD’s wider art and disability world, and ex-pand the reach of NIAD’s cultural network.
 Support Community and Studio Programs in offering artists opportunities to market and sell their own work at weekend art fairs and festivals, and work collaboratively to advise and lend staffing capacity to these opportunities when possible/necessary.
 Support Community and Studio Programs in selection of juried show and group show opportunities for art-ists, and coordinate publicity for these artist-driven exhibitions activities.

 Responsible for developing annual communications strategy and brand maintenance for NIAD Art Center and for Art Sales at NIAD.
 Maintain and develop NIAD’s website, social media channels, and newsletter communications.
 Monitor and develop publicity for NIAD Art Center’s public programs and for NIAD Studio Artist practices and artworks.
 Collaborate with Development Manager and Executive Director in initiation, follow-up and development of partnerships for art sales, licensing, and promotion as well as partnership-based opportunities for artists such as art placement, public works, and professional learning for teams.
 Develop new revenue streams, potentially including but not limited to artwork licensing, artist multiples, and subscription services.

 With Gallery Manager, coordinate the inventorying and cataloging of art created at NIAD. Pare down all new art produced by the studio and coordinate the team that photographs, prices and posts artwork doc-umentation in online archive and online store.
 Maintain safe, archival, and organized inventory of all NIAD artworks in NIAD’s on- and off-site storage.
 Work with NIAD Community and Studio Programs to develop a collaborative and respectful dialogue en-couraging artists to follow interesting and important ideas to fruition.
 In collaboration with NIAD’s Artist Advisory Committee, build a system of cataloguing and inventorying that reflects NIAD’s commitment to centering artist voices, and provides artists with access to their work and data on art sales. Generate a cohesive and fully accessible archive for browsing by external and internal audiences.

Special Projects:
 Collaborate with Executive Director, Studio Management, and Community Programs Director to produce fundraisers and special events.
 Provide support and expertise on NIAD’s Volunteer Management and Fund Development Activities.

Oversight and Team Coordination:
 Manage the work of the Art Marketing and Partnerships team, including Gallery Manager, Accessibility and Communications Specialist, Online Exhibitions Coordinator, and NIAD’s Graphic Designer, and volunteers and interns, including internal Studio Artist Interns.
 Assist in recruiting and onboarding Art Marketing and Partnerships volunteers and interns.
 Assist in developing individual Professional Development Plans for each team member.
 Support Professional Development and Collaboration between program teams at NIAD.

Publicity and Public Relations:
 With the Accessibility and Communications Specialist, create a consistent and transparent image of the Art Center on its social media platforms as well as tracking and testing out new social media platforms. Ensure consistent improvement in accessibility for audiences.
 Produce, in a timely fashion, press releases for exhibitions and events, fielding inquiries from the media and setting up interviews.
 Effectively use a disability justice frame of reference in writing and editing both internal and external documents and publicity.
 Communicate effectively to a cross-section of Bay Area communities and the greater art and disability worlds, and excel in promoting NIAD’s programs and successes.

And other tasks as needed.

May be required to work some evenings and weekends and participate in a variety of errands, including, but not limited to, mailing and shipping, restocking gallery/sales materials and equipment, documentation of artworks and events at NIAD and offsite, as well as attending openings at NIAD and other venues.

Necessary Knowledge & Skills

3+ years experience in visual art exhibitions, curation and inventory management or a related field.
3+ years experience in Publicity, especially in Social Media Platforms, and familiarity with accessibility tools.
Ability to communicate and collaborate to ensure that multiple goals and tasks are achieved. Experience in team management is strongly preferred.
Telephone and email etiquette. Ability to juggle multiple tasks at once and willingness to reorganize priorities when necessary.
Willingness to acknowledge and accept challenges that arise, as well as an ability to find and solve problems collaboratively, and aptitude for in-process innovation.
Driver’s license and transportation.
Love and knowledge of contemporary art, with a preference for knowledge of artists with disabilities and/or progressive art studios. Diverse network and knowledge of local and national contemporary artists.
Knowledge of Shopify, Photoshop, Digital Photography, iMovie, MailChimp, PayPal, Vimeo, Flickr, Squarespace, WordPress, Salesforce, Microsoft Office, Square and various social media platforms.

This is not an exhaustive list, rather examples of work experience that we will consider. We encourage interested applicants who have related experience beyond these qualifications to apply.

Working conditions:
This is a full-time, salaried, exempt position with benefits.
Salary range $60,000-70,000 dependent on experience.
Typical hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, with occasional Saturdays.
Health and Dental insurance provided.
Background check required.

Physical requirements:
Some lifting, use of ladders and tools.

Direct reports:
Gallery Manager, Accessibility and Communications Specialist, Online Exhibitions Coordinator, Graphic Designer

Salary (Exact Amount or Range) 60,000-70,000

Contact Name: Amanda Jane Eicher
Contact Email:
Website Link:
Application Deadline: 05/01/2021