Aanchal Bakshi

Aanchal Bakshi recently completed her MA Costume Studies from New York University, where she also served as the Graduate Program Assistant for the duration of her degree. She started her career in design, but soon gravitated towards the sociology of fashion. Aanchal has an interest in subcultures and style tribes, and her MA thesis focused on the relationship between skateboarding culture and the fashion industry. She continues to research on the appropriation of subcultures by mainstream fashion and media. Previously, she also co-curated “Gray Area: Authenticity, Value, and Subversion in Fashion” in New York City, where her case study focused on subversion through artist Ari Saal Forman’s “Menthol 10s Sneakers.”

This summer as the Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation ArtTable Diversity Fellow at the Queens Museum, Aanchal will be working on components of the for the forthcoming exhibition exploring Hip Hop in Queens, (title forthcoming), slated for presentation in Fall 2020, and co-curated by Ralph McDaniels, Hip Hop Coordinator at Queens Library, pioneering music video director, and co-creator/host of MTV’s Video Music Box; and Herb Tam, Curator and Director of Exhibitions at the Museum of Chinese in America, the curator of A Jamaica, Queens Thing: Rap and the Crack Era in South Jamaica, Queens(2007). The project will explore the origins of hip hop in the borough of Queens since the late 1970s. In addition to oral histories, documentary video and photography, music ephemera, fashion, and listening stations, the exhibition will include work by contemporary artists that explores the broader influence of hip hop culture in local and global contexts.


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