Erica Rawles
The Laundromat Project

Erica Rawles is an artist, writer, facilitator, and collaborator with a background in community engagement and organizing. In addition to her personal art practice and work as a freelance writer, Erica collaborates with organizations in a participatory, creative process that prioritizes community building and empowerment. Before joining the Laundromat Project as an ArtTable fellow, she worked as Creative Strategist for the Little Tokyo Service Center and as an educator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. She is also an AmeriCorps alumna. Erica holds a dual B.A. in studio art and philosophy from Claremont McKenna College

Project: Erica will support research projects in relationship to upcoming socially engaged arts programming in collaboration with LP staff, cultural, artists, and, and cultural producers: including curriculum development and public arts programming.


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