Gabrielle Das

Gabrielle Das received a BA in Art and Media Studies from Pitzer College in 2017 with a focus on woodworking. She is a passionate advocate for bringing art to underserved communities with a particular interest in teaching skills that serve both practical and artistic applications such as carpentry, ceramics, and metal casting. In 2016, Gabrielle traveled to Mexico City to help teach sculpture classes at El Faro Tlahuac resulting in the installation of an aluminum-relief, 3-tier, self-irrigating garden wall titled 7 Barrios alongside 16 local students and two other instructors. Following this, Gabrielle became a lead fabricator for Lost Spirits Distillery’s whimsical micro-amusement tasting experience, which won “World’s Best Distillery Tour” in 2019 from Drinks International. During the pandemic, Gabrielle worked as a Teaching Assistant at Pitzer College, guiding two virtual sections of “Sustainable Sculpture: Crafting Care, Curiosity, and Community” under Professor Sarah Gilbert. Gabrielle hopes to continue to educate and serve communities in need as ArtTable’s Administrator.


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