Executive Director, Martha’s Vineyard Museum (Vineyard Haven, MA)

Job Summary

Reporting to the board of directors, the Executive Director will serve as a forward-thinking chief executive officer of the newly revitalized MVM, with overall responsibility for the execution of its mission and achievement of its vision. An outgoing leader, the Executive Director will be committed to museum excellence and possess a deep appreciation for the changing museum field, community engagement, and high-quality visitor experiences. This individual will represent MVM regionally and nationally to external stakeholders, constituents, and community partners. They will build excitement, provide leadership, and invigorate a strategic direction in support of MVM. Maintaining a high professional profile, the Executive Director will support growth in both contributed and earned revenue, closely collaborating with the board to complete the capital campaign while identifying opportunities for legacy and endowment gifts. The Executive Director will also partner with the board to cultivate relationships and financial resources that will ensure the success of an institution that serves as a symbol of community engagement and pride to the residents and visitors of Martha’s Vineyard.

Responsibilities & Duties

Strategic Direction and Revenue Enhancement
 Communicate the museum’s strategic direction, vision, and impacts to build membership, attendance, commitment, and support for the organization and its mission and programs.

 Pursue an expanding dialogue about Vineyard histories through collection enhancement, creative and relevant exhibits, meaningful educational opportunities, and programming that deepens the exhibit narrative.

 Cultivate major donors and expand fundraising activities to support the completion of the comprehensive capital campaign and to build financial resilience for ongoing programs and operations.

 Guide development activities in partnership with the Director of Advancement and board of directors, maintain strong relationships with donors and the funding community, and establish strong stewardship and cultivation methods with the board and staff.

 Ensure the implementation of the strategic plan and completion of the business planning process, working with the board, staff, and community stakeholders to attain a clear vision for programming, financial growth, and community partnership opportunities.

 Define short-term and intermediate goals towards the growth of the endowment and legacy giving programs.

 Embrace other strategic direction and revenue enhancement responsibilities as needed.

Community Engagement and Governance
 Develop an active community presence and authentic relationships to foster opportunities for new initiatives and partnerships that build connections and the collection, support increased attendance and membership, and strengthen the fabric of social and cultural organizations on the island.

 Deepen and refine all aspects of communication to support and strengthen the museum’s brand and visibility, particularly during the robust tourist season.

 Seek opportunities to collaborate with arts, cultural, and educational organizations and other businesses to ensure that the museum campus is an accommodating and welcoming venue for programing, educational activities, and other events.

 Build strong, positive relationships with government officials, civic leaders, social innovators, and cultural champions who seek to advance the interests and reputation of the entire Martha’s Vineyard community.

 Identify, cultivate, recruit, and orient new board members in partnership with the governance committee and provide ongoing education for existing board members.

 Mobilize and best utilize the board’s insights, connections, talents, and resources as ambassadors and volunteers who wholeheartedly support the museum’s overall goals and strategic initiatives.

 Develop and support an effective and engaged board of directors, serving as an ex-officio member of its committees in seeking to build board involvement.

 Provide concise, relevant, and timely information to the board so that it can fulfill its policy-setting and decision-making responsibilities.

 Embrace other community engagement and governance responsibilities as needed.

Leadership and Administration
 Lead a performance- and outcomes-based organization, overseeing all day-to-day operations, with a focus on providing quality exhibitions and programs within the framework of excellence in the visitor experience.

 Establish systems to track progress and measure organizational effectiveness, communicating key metrics and performance indicators to the staff, board, community, and key stakeholders.

 Oversee the preparation of the annual operating budget with the Director of Finance and the Finance Committee and provide regular, ongoing updates on financial operations to ensure the most effective use of financial, human, and technological resources.

 Ensure that the necessary organizational structure, policies, systems controls, and procedures are in place and regularly reviewed for effectiveness.

 Inspire, mentor, evaluate, and guide a high-performing team that supports a culture of inclusion, growth, and continuous improvement and values staff well-being.

 Actively engage with a comprehensive network of museum professionals, artists, and art collectors by participating in relevant fieldwide convenings to share industry trends and implement current best practices.

 Maintain an organization with the highest ethical standards.

 Embrace other leadership and administration responsibilities as needed.

Traits and Characteristics
The Executive Director will have a well-rounded set of competencies as a resourceful and creative museum professional who values frequent interaction and collaboration with others. A visionary leader with the ability to set, pursue, and achieve goals in a timely manner, the Executive Director will have excellent communication skills, imagination, entrepreneurial spirit, leadership abilities, and a passion for the unique mission and impact of MVM. A results-oriented relationship builder who maintains a high professional profile, the Executive Director will inspire a long-term vision with achievable goals and a strategy that embraces many constituencies. They will value MVM’s social impact on its community and articulate its cultural, educational, and economic impact messages. A strong conceptual thinker and creative generator of curatorial ideas, the Executive Director will have the ability to move from dialogue to timely decision making and action. As a people-oriented servant leader receptive to new ideas and innovations, the Executive Director will be open to considering new approaches that achieve desired outcomes and exceed donor, visitor, and community expectations.

Other key competencies include:

 Leadership and Goal Orientation – The aptitude to organize and motivate others to set, pursue, and accomplish goals regardless of obstacles while creating a sense of order, direction, and active participation among a variety of stakeholders.

 Personal and Professional Accountability – The authenticity to self-evaluate and take responsibility for personal actions and decisions, accept setbacks, look for ways to progress, and understand how obstacles impact results.

 Planning and Organizing – The capacity to set and prioritize relevant, realistic, and attainable goals and objectives; to anticipate effects, outcomes, and risks; and to manage resources according to set priorities.

 Time, Priority and Project Management. – The ability to prioritize and complete tasks and to oversee all resources and people to obtain desired results with allotted time frames.

 Diplomacy – The dexterity to effectively and tactfully handle difficult situations and treat others fairly regardless of differences while maintaining positive relationships.

Necessary Knowledge & Skills

A master’s degree or equivalent experience with at least seven years of progressive executive leadership or senior management experience in a museum or related nonprofit organization are required. A deep understanding of historical collections and archives, particularly in a multi-facility organization, is highly desired. A proven track record as an effective fundraiser with supervisory budget oversight is essential. The ideal candidate will possess skill, passion, creativity, and an appreciation for cultural history, educational programming, and community partnerships, as well as a demonstrable commitment to the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Salary (Exact Amount or Range): $145,000-$165,000

Contact Name: Bruce Thibodeau

Contact Email: MVM@ArtsConsulting.com

Website Link: https://artsconsulting.com/employment/marthas-vineyard-museum-executive-director/

Application Deadline: 04/30/2021