Executive Director, Public Art Reston (Reston, Virginia)

Job Summary

Public Art Reston is looking for a dynamic individual to manage this vibrant 501(c) (3) organization that serves a diverse community for whom the arts are fundamental to its lifestyle proposition. Duties include fiscal management, fundraising, community outreach and engagement. Position will provide coordination of community public artwork projects when and as they occur.

Responsibilities & Duties

Manages, organizes, administers, and monitors activities and functions to implement public art projects with partners, the Public Art Committee and outside agencies, contractors, and design professionals. Activities may include:

o Develops program and project budgets, schedules, work plans, and cost estimates/projections.

o Works with pro bono legal counsel to draft and administer all project design, construction/fabrication and installation contracts for Public Art Reston-sponsored projects.

o Meets with community representatives, artists, other stakeholders and the Public Art Committee to review proposed projects and activities either undertaken by Public Art Reston or coordinated with outside partners.

o Manages the artist/consultant selection process for projects under Public Art Reston’s jurisdiction.

o Researches best practices and provides advice for construction and installation of Public Art Projects undertaken by Public Art Reston and/or by community partners.

o Manages part-time staff and/or consultants as applicable.

o Provides expert administrative services to the Public Art Reston organization and Board including fiscal management, fundraising and communications. Board support activities including meeting materials preparation, maintenance of organization financial records, document and financial controls.

o Leads efforts with financial and volunteer staff to: develop budgets, enhance financial reporting, and communication of financial results with Board Members.

o Serves as the organization’s representative in community settings to provide presentations, program descriptions, engagement activities and other events.

Necessary Knowledge & Skills

• Bachelor’s degree mandatory.
• Five years of experience.
• Ability to work evenings and weekends, as required.
• Experience working with a nonprofit board.
• Demonstrated success in identifying, applying for and being awarded grants.
• Demonstrated ability to manage money and make payroll – pays attention to the reality.
• Skilled in Office365.
• Responsible for producing budgets, reading and analyzing monthly financial statements, presenting financial data.
• Ability to work toward a paperless office environment.
• Ability to fundraise and pursue grant awards successfully.
• Excellent communications ability, both written and oral.


• High energy level and enthusiasm for community-building and fundraising.
• Relationship builder, especially with:
Staff, board and committee members.
Founding partners and key staff.
Funders, developers and grantors (both current and potential).
• Exposure to and love of the arts.
• Public art management a plus.
• Enthusiasm for making presentations and leading community engagement activities.
• Willingness to delegate, to ask for assistance when needed, to recruit volunteers

Contact Email mparker@partnershipreston.org

Website Link www.publicartreston.org

Location: Reston Virginia

Application Deadline: 03/31/2021