Executive Director, Staten Island Arts (Staten Island, NY)

Job Summary

Staten Island Arts: fostering art, community, and culture from shore to shore
Staten Island Arts (SIA) was founded in 1992 as a grassroots arts collective by working artists and arts administrators who regarded a local arts agency as an essential tool in community-based cultural development. SIAs’ mission is fostering art, community, and culture from shore to shore. SIA programming and services make the arts accessible to every member of the community; support and build recognition for artistic achievement; and provide artists, organizations, and arts educators with the technical, financial and social resources to encourage cultural production. SIA is proud to spotlight the unique character of our local cultural resources so that they can be appreciated by a wider audience.
SIA’s position of publicly representing Richmond County positions us as a nexus point for a variety of sectors at the city and statewide levels. SIA proudly shares its best practices and resources with larger networks and engages in activities that ensure Staten Island is at the table. SIA seeks to ensure that artists and cultural resources are considered priorities as the needs and services of the community change.
Compelled by seeing ongoing silos of race, socio-economics, religious beliefs, political divisions, geography and cultural values, SIA creates dialogues that address the inequities around us, heard in the voices of the artists and community members with whom we interact, and experienced ourselves as cultural workers at a small non-profit. SIA believes in the power of the arts to bring disparate people together and act as a catalyst for recognition of the full range of the spirit and mind. SIA is committed to building trust and engaging with people from the diverse communities across Staten Island so that all people share their voices, strengths, and needs to express a vision for the collective strength of our borough.
With a pre-pandemic budget of just over $1.2M, SIA’s offices and gallery are located at the URBY residential and commercial development, in the Stapleton Heights neighborhood, which is undergoing a major redevelopment, including additional residential and retail properties. This new space offers SIA a unique opportunity to grow, to be innovative, and to become an even more active player in the Staten Island cultural community.
The Board of Directors of SIA is a diverse combination of long-time, and newer volunteers deeply committed to the mission, values, and fiscal health not only of SIA, but also of the Staten Island community as a whole. Most are permanent residents who love working, playing, learning, and living on Staten Island. The Board is made up of a balance of professionals and artists, who all agree that art is vital to our society as we face the challenges of our daily lives.
Executive Director Position
The Board of Directors seeks a dynamic, strategic, and engaging leader to take this strong cultural arts council to its next level as a thought leader, grant maker, and presenter on Staten Island. Working closely with a committed Board of Directors and a small but dedicated staff, the ED will provide the vision, inspiration, and oversight to create and implement Staten Island Arts’ future direction while overseeing a $1.2M annual operating budget (approximately 100% raised). Specific goals include:
Enhancing and evolving existing programs to ensure Staten Island Arts’ programmatic offerings remain vibrant and attract new audiences
Managing the staff to promote the effective execution of the vision and promote collaboration across departments
Building relationships with internal and external stakeholders and being a visible and sought-after presence in the community
Providing leadership for Staten Island Arts’ ongoing internal and external anti-racism/anti-oppression initiatives
Increasing revenue from philanthropic sources to ensure that Staten Island Arts can continue to grow and thrive
Continuing and completing the Strategic Planning process that began in 2020 Q3, working with a consultant, Board, and staff
This is a full-time, year-round, salaried position, with a salary range of $90,000 to $100,000 a year, plus benefits including health insurance, generous paid vacation, and holidays. This position will require the ability to work nights and weekends. At this moment, the vast majority of work at SIA continues to be done remotely with a hope to return to in person work during the summer of 2021.
Location: Staten Island, NY
For more information about SIA, please visit: statenislandarts.org
Staten Island Arts is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate difference, and we are committed to advancing an inclusive culture throughout our workplace and our artistic community. Therefore, applicants with diverse backgrounds and experiences are highly encouraged to apply. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, color, disability, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, race, national origin, disability, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or status as a protected veteran.
How to Apply:
Staten Island Arts has retained the services of AD Hamingson & Associates to conduct this search. Inquiries, nominations, and applications may be directed in confidence to: EDsearch@statenislandarts.org, with “Executive Director Search” in the Subject line. Applicants are invited to submit a cover letter, resume, and three references. No phone calls or emails, please.

Job Requirements and Responsibilities


Support and work with the SIA’s Board of Directors, Executive Board, and other Board committees to set an agenda and vision for the organization, and implement Board policies/plans
A Strategic Plan was embarked upon in the fall of 2020 and is on pause. One of the first priorities of the ED will be to lead that Strategic Plan to completion
Lead, manage, and inspire the staff to ensure each member meets annual goals while connecting departmental objectives to the overall mission of SIA
Facilitate the development and implementation of long and short-term plans to meet the mission of the organization
Grant writing, private fundraising and oversight of development campaigns as well as other revenue strategies
Provide clear direction to staff while offering opportunities for individual development and professional growth
Along with ArtsPool, who provides SIA with outsourced financial services, oversee the creation and execution of the annual revenue and expense budgets
Create and maintain community relations and work with constituents on community cultural development
In collaboration with the Deputy Director, negotiation and implementation of City and State public service contracts as well as foundation and other grant contracts
Organize arts advocacy on behalf of and in conjunction with the organization and its constituents
Interface with public officials and community leaders to the benefit of SIA

Necessary Knowledge & Skills


We recognize that all humans have a variety of skills and have experienced and lived their lives in a variety of ways. SIA embraces this notion and finds it invigorating as we search for a new ED. Below is a partial list of qualifications that we think would enable that leader to be effective and successful in this position, but in no way are these meant to be mandates:

A Bachelor’s degree in arts or public administration is a plus
Multi-year experience in managing an organization or performing significant administrative functions in an organization
Maturity, leadership skills, problem solving skills and independent judgment
Ability to: innovate, adhere to close deadlines, work under pressure, multi-task and pay attention to detail
Ability to fundraise and to build effective relationships, including media relations
Experience with providing financial oversight for an organization
Commitment to the mission of Staten Island Arts and ability to grow the organization’s influence and impact
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Ability to: work well with a diverse range of people, prioritize work assignments, delegate effectively, and function independently
Experience working in a New York City setting is highly desirable
Politically astute and comfortable dealing at all levels of government. He/she/they must be accustomed to working under public scrutiny
Sensitivity to the highly diverse communities that the organization serves

Contact Name: Sarah McLellan
Contact Email: sarah@adhamingsonassociates.com
Website Link: www.statenislandarts.org
Application Deadline: 06/04/2021
Salary (Exact Amount or Range): $90,000 – $100,000

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