Public Programs and Event Coordinator, Monterey Museum of Art (Monterey, California)

Job Summary

Under the shared supervision of External Relations and Public Programs Managers, works with staff and board, artists and curators, contractors and vendors to schedule, organize and implement public programs and special events at the Museum, including digital and live events produced in house, as well as on behalf of board and volunteer groups as well as partners and rentals.
MMA seeks candidates who are self-motivated, detail oriented and team players with 3-5 years of experience in project management and digital production in the arts, media or events world. Non-profit and museum experience preferred. Must be able to take direction and respond positively to input from others and uphold a service-oriented approach to their work.

Job Requirements and Responsibilities

Responsible for ensuring accurate internal communication and timely work-flow/logistics for MMA Events and Public Programs including digital and live programs and events.

Facilitate and coordinate MMA staff in their shared ownership of public programs and events

  • Schedule, facilitate and follow up on the weekly production meeting
  • Schedule and maintain accurate information about events and public programs on Master Calendar
  • Input and track events and projects to completion through Asana or similar software
    • Ensure that all staff contribute to timely and accurate information flow
    • Generate and distribute Programming Summaries and Specific Briefs

Arrange and manage digital events planning, production and presentation

  • Schedule and run Live Zoom events
  • Plan and coordinate video shoots, editing and uploading to MMA website
  • Launch and Maintain MMA Vimeo channel
  • Support staff and stakeholders with limited digital management skills

Arrange and facilitate project specific meetings with internal and external stakeholders

  • Positively support delivery of timely, complete and accurate information
  • Generate and distribute notes
  • Track all Action Items/Owners
  • Coordinate and communicate consistently with all involved

Reserve and arrange for spaces, furniture and equipment to be set up and struck

  • Work with Facilities, Preparators, Contractors and Vendors
  • Maintain the museum’s inventory of equipment and supplies for events and public programs

Handle inquiries for rentals with a customer and community service minded approach

  • Develop online event inquiry page
  • Respond to all inquiries
  • Create a data base of customers
  • Develop rental policies and rates in consultation with ED and department heads

Recruit, Vett, and Maintain excellent professional relationships with Vendors and Contractors

  • Create and maintain current contacts

Prepare Work Orders and Purchase Orders and Contracts

  • Create, obtain affirmation, and enforce consistent written policies for all events.
  • Keep abreast of and enforce ABC laws.
    • Apply for, manage, and keep record of all event permits for ABC regulations and City.
  • Purchase and maintain the inventory of all alcoholic beverages for the museum.

Work with Department Managers to develop and manage budgets and reach income goals

Work with Executive Director and Finance Manager on annual budgets and long term projects

Support the Feasibility Planning process as requested

Other Duties as Assigned. 

Necessary Knowledge & Skills

Relevant experience includes studio management, production or stage management, events management, marketing and communication filmmaking.

Contact Name: Jennifer Wagner
Contact Email:
Website Link:
Application Deadline: 06/15/2021
Salary (Exact Amount or Range): 44K-47K

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